Monday, 24 September 2012

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Who are Caddington Hedgehogs?

Caddington Hedgehogs is a hospital, rehabilitation and retirement home for injured and sick hedgehogs, based in the back garden of a small house in Boston, Lincolnshire. It is run on a purely voluntary basis by Angela Smith, who devotes much of her ‘spare’ time to the welfare of the hogs in her care.

Hedgehogs requiring help come from the public and vets. If required, medical treatment is provided by Angela and, when necessary, by a qualified Vet. When fully recovered, the hogs are then released, either in the location where they were found, or at a more suitable and safer location.

The daily running expenses comprise vet fees, food, bedding, equipment, waste disposal and insurance. Angela raises funds by making and selling cards and by giving talks. People who bring in a hog often give a cash donation, and she regularly receives tinned food, disposable gloves, other essential items and cash donations from many kind people who care about Hedgehogs and the work that she is doing.

For Hedgehog advice or to make a donation, please phone Angela on 01205 872135

If you reach the voicemail and you need help urgently, please try The British Hedgehog Preservation Society who will be able to give advice and who may also be able to find a carer located near to you.